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15 years focus on customized high requirementsBlister packaging

  • Related fields: Medical blister packaging, anti-static blister tray, high demand electronic blister box and other blister packaging products
  • The chassis of the imported German blister machine can automatically adjust the width of the materials used, the computer can automatically store the production data, and the quality of blister packaging is stable
  • Products are exported to nearly 20 countries, with an export rate of 65%
  • Introduce many excellent equipment and modern high-tech production

International production process management,Reliable quality

  • Strictly abide by ISO13485 and GMP management process.(good quality = standard production + strict control)
  • Strictly implement iso11607 standard and implement the whole process quality control
  • The shipment is tested by initial contaminating bacteria and insoluble particles, with physical test report attached

Humanized service for youSave heart, effort and money

  • Abandoning the traditional non innovative mode, one-to-one engineers provide free three-dimensional technical drawings and design solutions
  • Multiple plastic suction machines are produced 24 hours a day to ensure punctual delivery.
  • Special urgent parts shall be handled urgently 24 hours, and special personnel shall be assigned to follow up the service.

Strong after sales support,Regular customer return visit

  • After one year of long-term orders, the company will prepare the goods and solve your delivery problem
  • Bulk goods, free delivery to customers in the Pearl River Delta
  • Foreign customers, we have cooperated with many high quality logistics companies to deliver on time and with high quality
  • Zhanrui has perfect after-sales service, abnormal products, 2 hours to deal with special personnel, guarantee return, free of logistics fees.


Dongguan zhanrui packaging products Co., Ltd

Dongguan zhanrui packaging products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of blister packaging enterprises, which has accumulated 15 years of professional Blister production experience, specializing in the production of PVC, PS, PP, pet, PETG, conductive, anti-static photoelectric, and special PS various anti-seismic and anti-skid types of blisters. It is used for packaging of electronic, digital, hardware, small household appliances and cosmetics. The company introduces multiple molding machines, 100000 level dust-free production workshops and rich management experience.

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